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Depending on how fast you learn and the number of lessons needed, the following will be taught. 

*  Evaluation
*  Steering, Braking, Left and Right Turns
*  Backing
*  Lane Changing
*  Traffic (heavy and light)
*  Highway Driving, Exits, Ramps, etc.
*  K-turns (required to pass road test)
*  Parallel Parking (required to pass road test)
*  One way traffic
*  Parking (real life, i.e. parking lots, malls)
*  How to use a drive-thru, (banks, etc)
*  How to pull up to a gas pump and refuel
*  Emergency Driving  “What to do IF?”
*  Simulated Road Test
*  You will be driving in all weather conditions.  
*  Car care, tips, fuel economy and vehicle  
    questions answered
*  Break downs on the road, (what to do, how
    to get help and be safe.) 
*  What to do if you or someone else is
    involved in a motor vehicle accident.
*  What you should expect and what you
    should do if you are pulled over.


5 Lesson Package does not includes Road Test $320

9 Lesson Package includes Road Test $550

13 Lesson Package includes Road Test $770

All lessons are with a NYS Licensed Driving Instructor and you...the student. No other students in the vehicle. The first lesson is 45 minutes. The remaining lessons are 11/2 hrs. This counts as 2 lessons from your package. The last
11/2 hrs.
are saved for practice and road test.

If you do not choose a Super Savings Package, lessons are $75 for 45 minutes. Road test is an extra charge! So...take advantage of Super Saving Packages!